All you need is Love with

Rollie Rollie

All you need is love and some Rollie Rollie

Thai Rolled

Rollierollieca Best Rolled Ice Cream in Thai

Regular Size $8.50
Kid Size $7.25

You may choose your 4 toppings and 2 mix ins (add $0.50 for each
extra topping) or enjoy the toppings we’ve carefully paired with
your choice of ice cream.

Coconut ice cream base available (non-dairy) (excluding green tea,
taro, coffee & chocolate) 50% sugar ice cream base available
(excluding green tea, coffee & chocolate)

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Not feeling for ice cream? Enjoy some

Delicious Boba!

Quali tea like no others!

100% Fresh Ingredients, 100% Hand-brewed Tea, Syrup and Powder Only
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The Sweetness of your drinks may vary due to us using seasonal fresh fruits

Please consume our drink within 30 min for the best taste quality

Soy milk and Almond milk are available for non-dairy substitution (Select drinks)



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Locally owned and operated, Freshest ice cream possible made right before your eyes, Bringing the New and trending dessert to Fresno in an kid and Family friendly environment. Super cool photo wall! Sweet times is right down the street with two locations. In Fresno on First and Ness and on Herndon and Fowler in Clovis. I can only say so much, you have to come taste for yourself!!

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Simple Ingredients, Simply Good!

Freshly prepared premium ice cream with California milk, cream and sugar.

Rollierollieca one of the best Rolled Ice Cream

Contact Us

Now Open!
1840 Herndon Ave. Ste 104 Clovis, CA 93611 

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Sunday – Thursday 11:30am-9:00pm

Friday & Saturday 11:30am-9:30pm

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