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With the Nedbank supported sales program, we can help you sell your home at the best price and give you the opportunity to make a fresh start. If this seems like the solution for you, we are ready to help. Call us on 010 217 1008 or email us at Contact Nedbank-backed sales on or 010 217 1008 to arrange an appraisal of your home to determine the current market value based on local property trends and sign a mandate with Nedbank. Peace of mind – no more calls from the legal department and collections. Custom interest rates on affordable loans from R2,000 to R300,000. They could consider a restructuring in difficulty. This option will help you make your rates more affordable. With this option, we capitalize the current arrears on your account, either over the remaining term or for an extended period on your home savings account. This gives you peace of mind that your home loan payments are up to date. Certain conditions apply to this solution. Email us at or call 010 217 1023 for more information. Combining loans into a personal loan with a fixed interest rate and a structured repayment schedule could save you money each month while reducing your overall loan repayments over time.

Zoomtowns and new opportunities for first-time buyers and second homes. If you need help, email us at or call 0860 553 573 for more information. You give us your finances (i.e. your income and expenses) so we can determine your affordability for the best possible outcome. If you are unable to pay your home loan payments, please contact us so we can help you choose a payment solution that prioritizes your financial well-being. Here are some scenarios we can help you with: If there is an offer at the price agreed upon by us, we will appoint the transfer lawyers and manage the transfer and transfer process on your behalf, but you will be responsible for these costs. At our discretion, we offer debt relief for your shortfall to help you make a fresh start. To help you get the best price for your property, we will hire one of our qualified real estate agencies in your area to market your property for 90 days, with no reference to a distressed sale. Used correctly, a loan can improve your life. Read these true stories.

We`ve dipped into money long enough to know that sometimes your best plan can be disrupted when life takes a sudden turn or unexpected expenses creep in. Here`s how we can guide and support you if your home loan repayments are affected. Shop online or in-store and earn rewards with up to 55 days of interest-free credit. Get a fresh start with sales backed by Nedbank. If you`re struggling to keep up with your home loan payment, we can help you sell your home on the market at the best possible price. Let us support you every step of the way. Take out a personal loan with Nedbank and open a Savvy Plus or Savvy Bundle account to receive R200 cash back each month. Customers are allowed to pay between 0% and 50% of their home loan payment and then have the option to settle arrears in full or in accordance with another agreement. This is a temporary solution.

Your home loan can help you achieve other financial goals. The investment property can pay dividends, but you need to know what that entails. Rest assured that the needs of your beneficiaries are adequately taken into account: advantageous interest rates, great flexibility and access to your money when you need it. We do quick affordability tests, and if your credit score is good, we offer you an amount you can adjust to your needs. We are committed to providing first class service. We are committed to investigating your complaint and finding the appropriate solution while keeping you informed. Get peace of mind with Nedbank Home Loans Distressed Restruct. If you are unable to track your home loan payments and find your home loan account overdue, Nedbank can help you with a restructuring where we extend the loan term, settle arrears and possibly reduce your monthly payment.

Make better financial decisions with greenbacks. By simply paying your monthly payment on time, you have the chance to earn the balance of your loan every three months.