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Over the past decade, there have been examples of TrustLaw`s impact: helping organizations protect the rights of domestic workers in the Philippines; support a ban on conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ youth; improving access to HIV self-testing in Africa; prohibition of child marriage in the United States; combating social exclusion through the right to housing in Latin America; Using the power of technology to bring war criminals to justice; and spur innovation that improves newborn survival in developing countries. In this op-ed, published in City Limits, its Attorney General, Rachel Braunstein, highlights the importance of New York`s child support system, including how more efficient processes and better access could combat child poverty. Thanks to TrustLaw, more than 100,000 lawyers donate their time and knowledge to help organizations fulfill their social mission free of charge. This means that NGOs and social enterprises can focus on their impact instead of spending significant resources on legal support. Lawyers Every week, lawyers receive an email listing the pro bono projects available on the global network. Lawyers can submit an offer of interest for a project, and the NGO or social enterprise client chooses the legal team they want to work with. The selection of projects to be supported is at the sole discretion of the lawyer. The network`s lawyers have two weeks to volunteer. Then, TrustLaw sends the offers of support to the NGO or social enterprise to choose the legal team they want to work with. Removing legal barriers and influencing policy change “While states like New York emphasize supporting vulnerable women and children as a priority, too little emphasis has been placed on the need to improve child support systems to do so, particularly within family courts. Instead, these courts, which handle hundreds of thousands of cases a year, have always been neglected. TrustLaw is the global pro bono legal program of the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

It connects top law firms and corporate legal teams from around the world with influential NGOs and social enterprises working to bring about social and environmental change. It produces groundbreaking legal research and offers innovative training worldwide. NGOs and social enterprises Submit a request for free legal assistance on TrustLaw`s online portal, then talk to TrustLaw about your legal needs. Once this is complete, the legal members of TrustLaw will be able to see your legal request. Our clients – women living in poverty, many foreign-born, raising and caring for children – are among the most vulnerable at the best of times, and this is not the best time. The Her Justice team works hard to ensure our clients continue to receive the help they need. Thank you for continuing to support your justice and the women we serve. How it works Legal teams, NGOs and social enterprises can join TrustLaw for free. Once members, NGOs and social enterprises can apply for free legal assistance, and lawyers can volunteer to work on exciting pro bono projects.

Pro bono projects supported by TrustLaw range from operational legal issues for NGOs and social enterprises, including general trade, intellectual property and employment issues, to cross-border international legal research. TrustLaw works with more than 550 legal teams in 170 countries who generously support the legal claims of TrustLaw NGOs and social entrepreneurs free of charge. Their support enables women living in poverty in New York City to transform their lives – security, economic security and hope for the future. For every $1 donation, nearly $8 in legal services are provided free of charge to Her Justice clients. Welcome to the National Directory of Immigration Legal Services. Use the following options to search for immigration legal service providers by state, county, or detention center. Only not-for-profit organizations that provide free or low-cost immigration services are included in this directory. If you have any questions, please read our list of frequently asked questions or email us at Whether you are an individual, a volunteer lawyer, a law firm or a company, see here how you can get involved in our important and rewarding work. Each year, Her Justice celebrates the New York legal community`s commitment to volunteerism at its annual Commitment to Justice Awards. Discover the winners here! Key holders are monthly donors who continually advocate for equal access to the law.

TrustLaw has a regional and global reach. Our network includes large international law firms as well as smaller national law firms, in-house legal teams and individual lawyers. All members are qualified in their respective jurisdictions and meet the requirements of the local bar association. Our network of referral partners of funders and attribution boards ensures that we can reach the widest possible reach. Through these partnerships, we aim to support their fellows, fellows, members and laureates with free legal assistance. Its justice offers legal resources, legal training, reports and more. You can also find our annual reports and your justice in the news. We have trained more than 350 lawyers in the emerging areas of social entrepreneurship, ESG and social finance, enabling them to better serve social innovators and impact investors by tackling some of the most important challenges of our time. By bringing together academics, policymakers, journalists and the private sector, we have also created groundbreaking tools and resources that have catalyzed progress for vulnerable communities around the world. Our NGOs and social entrepreneurs range from large international organizations to small local charities and social enterprises. Our members work on a wide range of issues, including women`s rights; trafficking in human beings and slavery; refugee rights and forced migration; LGBT rights; freedom of expression; and environmental and land rights.

In her testimony before the President`s Committee on Access to Justice and the New York State Bar Association`s Committee on Legal Aid, his supervising attorney Anna Ognibene describes barriers to justice within New York`s family court system, including court closures and significant litigation delays during the pandemic. and recommendations to improve the system for all. Marjer, a client of Her Justice, worked with attorney Naomi Young to overcome financial and physical abuse and take control of her own safety. By highlighting successful pro bono programs and providing benchmarks on pro bono participation and related trends in various jurisdictions, the index is an important tool for disseminating pro bono practice. For more information, see She tried to find help, but was rejected several times. We created Open Door Legal so that women like Claudia would never have to face these struggles alone. Amy Barasch, Her Justice Executive Director, speaks with Litera`s Ari Kaplan about the power of pro bono, how Her Justice continues to work with pro bono lawyers during the pandemic, and our latest policy report.