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If you want an experienced representation in DYFS (DCPP), there is no comparison. There is no other lawyer with Allison`s specialized legal knowledge and experience. If you are protecting your child, contact Williams Law Group first. If the Department of Child Welfare and Stability receives a report of child abuse or neglect, it is required by law to initiate an investigation. To this end, the ministry prepares and maintains a large number of documents related to the case. In addition, the content of the material contains personal information about the child, the parents, the condition of the family home, the extent of the child`s injuries, and the nature of the examination. In addition, the ministry`s record may also include other reports such as police reports, criminal background checks, driver summaries, previous DCP&P cases, medical records, photos, and videos. In summary, departmental records contain very personal information about an individual`s family. While the New Jersey Department of Children and Families (formerly the Department of Youth and Family Services) is an admirable agency, it can be one of the most complicated to understand and navigate. If you are dealing with DCF NJ, contact Williams Law Group for legal assistance. After reviewing your file, we will make the best decision on how to proceed and keep you informed every step of the way.

CommissionerChristine Beyer609-888-7900dcf.commissioner@dcf.nj.gov Chief of StaffNicole Brossoie609-888-7940dcf_chiefofstaff@dcf.nj.gov Chief Financial OfficerSteven Dodson609-888-7555Deputy Commissioner, Policy, Legal Affairs and ComplianceBonny E. Fraser, Esq.609-888-7800 Assistant Commissioner, Child Protection and Permanency609-888-7000dcf-dcppdirectorsoffice@dcf.nj.gov Address:50 East State StreetPO Box 717Trenton, NJ 08625-0717Senior Deputy Commissioner, OperationsKatherine Stoehr609-888-7500Address:50 East State StreetPO Box 717Trenton, NJ 08625-0717 If you are someone you love, contacted, investigated, sued or sued and have concerns about your privacy in a DCF-related matter, please contact our office at (908)-356-6900 for immediate assistance. Our lawyers are available to answer your questions and privacy concerns and clarify what we can do to safeguard and protect your interests. We represent all types of defendants investigated by DCP&P in Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Middlesex, and Ocean counties, as well as throughout New Jersey. Call or message us to get a free consultation with a lawyer. Under New Jersey law, parents are allowed and should expect their private affairs to remain private with the Department of Child Welfare and Sustainability. This contrasts with other areas of law. For example, if you are arrested and subsequently charged with a crime, the records associated with that case will be made available to the public. The complaint, which indicates the nature of the fees, can be consulted by the community. A person`s judgment on the conviction and sentencing report may be reviewed. In addition, the public can usually visit the court and follow the proceedings.

Similarly, in civil cases, the public is allowed to read all complaints or applications submitted and may also appear in court to see and hear the case in person. In important cases that attract local or even national attention, it is common for sources of information to appear before the courts and report on the case in newspapers and television. Their report and publication are entirely lawful and may be made without the consent of the parties. Assistant Commissioner, Children`s Care SystemMollie Greene 609-888-7200CSOC.Director@dcf.nj.gov Address:50 East State Street, 4th FloorPO Box 717Trenton, NJ 08625-0717Assistant Commissioner, Family and Community PartnershipsSanford Starr609-888-7400fcp@dcf.nj.gov Address:50 East State Street, 7th floorPO Box 717Trenton, NJ 08625-0717Director, Women`s DivisionAnna D. Martinez609-888-7164dow@dcf.nj.gov address:50 East State Street, 7th floorPO Box 717Trenton, NJ 08625-0717Office of Legal AffairsMeredith Pindar, Director609-888-7222For electronic service of legal documents pursuant to the Electronic Service of DCF Legal Documents of the New Jersey Supreme Court to relax the rules for service of litigation, email documents to NJDCF.ElectronicService.CivilMatters@dcf.nj.gov Assistant Commissioner, Office of Human ResourcesLinda Dobron609-888-7802 dcfhumres@dcf.nj.gov Address:50 East State StreetPO Box 717Trenton, NJ 08625-0717Bureau des affaires publiques et des communications Nicole Brossoie, chef des affaires publiquesJason Butkowski, directeur du Bureau des opérations d`adoption Communications609-888-7915dcf.communications@dcf.nj.gov Clinton[de] directeursVirginia Kenny, directrice adjointe609-888-7460Address:P.O. Box 717Trenton, NJ 08625-717www.nj.gov/njfosteradopt/adoption/Office of EducationKelley Michalowski, Director609-888-7990dcf_officeofeducation@dcf.nj.gov Address:PO Box 710Trenton, NJ 08625-0710Licensing OfficeClinton Page, Assistant DirectorJoslyn Bjorseth, Director – Child Care LicensingDCF.ChildCareLicensing@dcf.nj.gov Yolanda Hadden, Director – Youth Housing, Partial Care and Adoption AgenciesClifton Tokley, Director – Family Resource Licensing1-877-667-9845dcf_ool@dcf.nj.gov Address:50 East State Street, 6th FloorPO Box 717Trenton, NJ 08625-0717 The purpose of creating and retaining these records is to assist the Ministry and possibly other authorities in the investigation. In addition, the material can also help with counseling and other forms of treatment for the family. However, unlike criminal proceedings and even most civil cases, documents prepared by the national child protection agency must remain private. Under New Jersey law, N.J.S. 9:6-8.10a, DCP&P is required by law to keep all of its records confidential. Therefore, the public is not allowed to view complaints, reports, findings or other similar documents regarding your case.

Therefore, it is forbidden for employers, curious ex-spouses, investigating neighbours or others to obtain information about your child abuse and neglect problem. In addition, DCP&P`s cases are considered so private that interested spectators are prohibited from entering the courtroom. According to the rules of the Court of New Jersey, only parties and their representatives can appear before the court. For everyone else, the doors to the courtroom are closed. Despite the mandatory wording of legal exceptions to confidentiality, the CDPP consistently opposes the disclosure of these documents, which requires a court order. Williams Law Group carefully files this order and when an expert makes an assessment, compiles hearsay testimony from third parties of collateral contacts, and otherwise collects findings – information used in the trial – our office receives a copy well in advance of the trial date. While we hope you find them useful, these tips are not intended to be legal advice. Please contact our law firm at 909-810-1083 for personal legal assistance with your case. We look forward to hearing from you! Family Resource OfficeClinton Page, Assistant DirectorDawn Marlow, Administrator609-888-7055Office of Training and Professional DevelopmentJessica Trombetta, Administrator732-448-6300dcftrainacademy@dcf.nj.gov Address:30 Van AvenueNew Brunswick, NJ 08901For biographies of DCF leaders, click HERE. Electors with questions, concerns or ministerial questions may contact the CCF Advocacy Office toll-free at 1-877-543-7864 Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m.