Ny Legal Ar Barrel Length

Since the 1930s, the federal government has passed laws and regulations that dictate how we buy, possess and use firearms. Much of their regulation determines the size of the barrel we attach to our rifles, the accessories we mount, and how we protect ourselves with those firearms. Unfortunately, this is not the end of the discussion. According to the 1934 NFA, barrel length determines which firearm is considered a rifle, pistol or “any other weapon.” To meet the legal definition of a rifle, a 16-inch barrel is required. When combined with a stock, your rifle should be 26 inches in total. The barrel length must be less than 16 inches for a pistol, although the law does not specify a total measure – barrel to be stored. GrabAGun.com, Guns.com and several other trusted online gun dealers refuse to ship AR platform firearms to New York City buyers in accordance with company policies, even though it is legal for them to do so. If you own a gun and then decide to swap the barrel, attach a butt or mount a front grip, you are committing a crime. According to the ATF, such customizations of your weapon fall under the “manufacture or possession of an unregistered AOW,” which is “any other weapon.” You face a crime that can be punished by a hefty fine and up to 10 years in prison. PLEASE NOTE: This should not be construed as legal advice. I am not a lawyer and I am not familiar with all the laws that vary from county to county and between different municipalities in New York State. Always check with your FFL and get professional legal advice BEFORE ordering your AR platform firearm from an online retailer. Make sure you have the legal authority to own a gun and can pass the NICS background check before tracking the purchase of a gun at NYS.

It depends on the setup you do, as mentioned earlier, you can make another one (which is not a legal term, only used in the firearms industry) or a 16″ rifle or an AR pistol on your license of any length. Most of the fixed mag configured models I`ve found in local NYC stores tend to be $300 to $700 more than they would cost to buy and fix the likes themselves (if it were legal for you to do so). This premium is calculated because they buy non-compliant models and some gunsmiths have to work themselves to make the models “compliant” and because you may not be aware of the process, as I explain in this article. The SAFE Act also limits the capacity of detachable magazines and even fixed magazines to 10 rounds. Hunting laws limit all rifles, shotguns or semi-automatic pistols with a barrel length of 8 inches or more to a capacity of 5 rounds during hunting. Brandon Herrera would cringe when reading these words, but I think the AR platform is superior to the AK and it`s much easier to find or convert an AR to be NY compliant than it is to find a legal AK platform rifle in NYC – trust me, I`ve tried and the only manufacturer I know of (NC`s Riley Defense), has not had any in stock since the end of 2019. Whether you`re building an 80% rifle and need a barrel or replacing a worn barrel, length is important from a legal and performance perspective. Do you want to remain ATF compliant? We all do. You should measure the length of your rifle. But let`s focus on the length of the barrel for now. The short answer is that all barrel lengths are legal in one way or another.

While some local stores stock fixed mag models, there aren`t many mass-produced fixed mag models directly from factories on the market because demand isn`t that high compared to featureless models, and due to the fact that most states don`t really define what they consider an acceptable fixed mag solution for compliance (NY is one of them). them), so that manufacturers are subject to legal review. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or send me a private message at info@nylegalar-15.com and I`ll do what I can to help you. Check out our other articles to learn more about the AR-15, how it works, and how to make yours work like new. Consider joining the USCCA for access to training, partnership discounts, and legal representation if you ever need to use your firearm in a defensive incident. IMPORTANT: You MUST ensure that your photo ID includes your current address in order to process the transfer. Otherwise, you will need additional identification documents. This is required by law. Avoid putting yourself or your FFL in an uncomfortable position and have your valid photo ID with the current address handy before the transfer.

The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association filed a lawsuit against Andrew Cuomo and the SAFE Act to repeal it, and the final 2015 decision showed that the case did not completely repeal the SAFE Act, but reversed the 7-shot capacity limit because it was unconstitutional and unenforceable (see details of the case, by clicking here – (www.nysrpa.org/legal-action-against-cuomo-gun-law/) First, understand that muzzle devices (flash suppressors, muzzle brakes, etc.) do not count towards the length of your rifle or barrel. You must remove all accessories from the barrel before measuring your firearm.