Shopify Legal Pages Not Showing up

Once you`ve created your legal policies and created new pages for them, many store owners add links to their legal policies in the footer of their online store. This allows customers to view legal policies outside of your checkout pages. It looks like you`ve linked your legal policies in your Shopify online store > admin > navigation > main menu area, but updates to your privacy policy and shipping policy in your settings > legal area won`t appear on your website. Do I have the right? Thanks for the email, I have it here. I can see that your payment language is set to French in your administrator (payment language settings> >). I`m concerned that the templates are currently only available for stores that use English as their payment language. We hope this will be available in more languages in the future as the admin grows! In the meantime, you can use our policy builder here to create your legal templates. Templates aren`t available in all languages yet, so I recommend pasting the template into Google Translate to translate it into your language for your checkout. I also recommend manually reading the temple you just created in case there are any translation errors from Google Translate. By default, links to your policies are listed in the footer of your payment. You can also find a link to your refund policy on your order verification page. A link to your shipping conditions can be found on your product pages and in your shopping cart. Type a title in the text box.

Paste your legal guidelines into the Content text box. All right! Exactly the same thing happens to me. I created the legal guidelines, saved them, but they don`t appear on my website. Ideas? You can create webpages in your Shopify admin. Web pages are useful for displaying information that rarely changes or to which customers frequently link, such as an “About Us” page or a “Contact Us” page. When you add your store policies, they are automatically linked in the footer of your checkout pages. Customers may need to review your policies before checkout, so it`s a good idea to link to these pages in your store`s navigation. Merchants selling in Japan often add pages to display their store`s legal policies, and then add links to those pages to their store`s footer menu.

I seem to be the only person in the world who has this problem because I googled this problem and no results came, every good Shopify page seems to have the “generate” buttons except mine. So, is there a problem with my Shopify? Where are my Generate Policy Page buttons? You can add legal options to your stores by following these steps A blog post can be a great way to explain how your business is dealing with COVID-19 concerns using a less formal tone than you would adopt in your legal guidelines. Is there a problem with my Shopify? Every tutorial I watch, and everywhere I look, I see that there should be buttons on my “legal page” to automatically generate terms of service, privacy, and refund policies, but there are no such buttons on MY right Shopify page. Shopify gives you the ability to create store policies and legal documents in your Shopify admin with the click of a button. This is important because it gives your customer a written policy that can protect you if you have a dispute with a customer. Let`s put this in place together. In the administrator, click Settings, and then click Legal. Let`s start with the refund policy. Returns, refunds and exchanges are part of the business.

Customers may be dissatisfied with their order for a variety of reasons. Thank you for your reply Kimi, but as I said, there are no legal options in my Shopify settings, it`s missing. I think I have limited user permissions in the store. Which user role has legal options in their settings? When you add Store policies, a link to those policies is automatically added to your checkout pages. However, creating new pages for your legal policies and linking them to your footer will ensure that customers will be able to view the legal policies on every page of your online store. Hi Kimi, I have the same problem, no legal option. It is an advanced plan. Learn how to add pages to your online store and link those pages in your store navigation.

Hello! I was in the process of adding a legal side such as terms of service, privacy policy, etc. but there is no legal option in my Shopify setting. How do I set it up in the store? I have the same problem. No template button on my legal page After you add your fonts, they will be linked in the footer of your checkout pages. You can also add your policies to your online store`s menus. When you add your store policies, they are automatically linked in the footer of your checkout pages. I will add that instead of generating a 4th column in my footer, I easily inserted these links into the body of my other legal text in my footer. It`s really strange, I want to look at this for you now. Could you email us at using the email address indicated as the account holder (the email address you sign up with)? Once you`ve done that, you can come back here and tell me the support ticket number assigned to you (which will be emailed to you).

This way I can choose the ticket in the queue and see why you seem to be missing the page templates! I generate the legal pages without problems in – admin / settings / legal – and press SAVE. At this point, when I review my live site, nothing has happened in the footer (my understanding is that links should be generated automatically in the footer). Even though I check “pages” in the backend, no new pages have been generated (although I`m not sure they should appear in the side panel). You will need to create your own store policies. Contact a local legal expert for assistance. I also generated new terms of use (admin / legal) that still do not appear on the site. A shipping policy is not a legal requirement, although it is very useful to have one as it gives clarity and confidence to your customers when they buy from you. This is important because your customer will likely review your shipping policy before making a purchase. Here`s what you need to include in your shipping policy: price, international shipping options, your company`s shipping locations, payment options, restrictions, carrier options, customs and duties, and the estimated arrival time of the package. Merchants selling in Germany often add pages that display the following types of legal information: Did you get help? Mine does the same thing. My legal notices ate everything there to choose, but when I do and save it, my footer does !!! *Note: The templates provided are not legal advice.

Is it an email or a website they visit? Click Create from template to get a generic template that you can customize for your business. Note that templates are not legal advice. Once you`ve created your return policy, you can add it to your website footer, FAQ page, product page, shopping cart, and checkout. A privacy policy is a statement or legal document that discloses how you handle your customers` data. If you`re using a free Shopify theme that was downloaded after November 2018 and added your shipping policies, your online store`s product pages will contain a link to your shipping policies. This is to communicate the additional costs related to the product or shipping conditions. I had the same problem, but it worked. It was a bit of a coincidence, but I chose another page for a link, clicked Add, and then came back to edit that menu item and select strategies, and then all the different strategies I could choose from. You can place your shipping policies in your F.A.Q., Customer Service, or in your store`s header or footer. Shopify has everything you need to start selling, all in one place. If someone still needs help, you can check out our guide to adding or generating store policies on Shopify.

Great, I`m really happy to hear that. Thanks for the information! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. You can create a specific COVID-19 prevention policy page and add it to a menu, such as your main menu or footer menu, on your website. To clarify, did you specifically link your policies in the main menu navigation and not in a page? For example, to link your policy, add the main menu > > Link Policies > Privacy Policy as follows: If you don`t already have all this information, that`s fine. You can always start without all the answers. Shopify makes it easy to update your shipping policy at any time and without the help of a developer. To give your customers more peace of mind when making a payment, you can encourage your customers to download a free Shopify app called “Arrive” so they can instantly track orders they place in your store or other Shopify stores. Do this for all policies (returns, shipping, privacy, terms of use) and make sure you save. I tested this in my own store with a staff account and I can see the Legal option in the Settings section of my Shopify admin. I`ve allowed the staff account to manage settings under Administrative Tools, so you can ask the store account owner to enable it for your account.

After you create the templates, you can add them to a page in your store if needed. You can add the links to your fonts to the footer or main menu so they can be easily found by your customers! Copy the text of these template directives, and then you can go to the online store > pages > add a page. Then paste the text into this new page and save! After that, you can go to the > Navigation online store and add these links to your favorite navigation.