Which College at Oxford Is Best for Law

In 2020, Merton celebrated the 40th anniversary of the admission of the college`s first female students. As its centennial approaches, the college continues to grow. St. Peter`s recently acquired land that will be used to build affordable student housing in addition to the installation of a new courtyard, common room and entrance to the college. The college plans to celebrate the opening of the Castle Hill House project in spring 2023. Oxford does not solicit submissions for written work for law, but you must apply with a personal statement. Applicants to some Cambridge colleges must submit a school/college essay as sample written work prior to the interview. The Oxford Law exam style suits many people and you will know if you are one of them when you have found your school or university exams. However, some students find this too stressful and would prefer to spread out their exams throughout graduation.

St. Catherine`s is both Oxford`s largest and newest college and has been educating a diverse community since 1962. The Verdict is a magazine published by LawSoc, written by Cherie Blair and Baron Goldsmith, among others. The membership fee is £45 for the duration of your studies. With only 13% and 16% of applicants reaching a law position at Oxford and Cambridge, it`s clear how competitive both universities are. The minimum difference means that the application is not proposed based on a success rate. However, Cambridge tends to interview around 75% of applicants, which can be a huge advantage to your chances if you interview well and worry about Cambridge admission tests. Students learn between 18th century buildings. Queen`s also has modern spaces, including the new library, which opened in 2017 under the vice-president`s garden. Or students can dig through the books in the 17th-century upper library and the 19th-century sublibrary.

One of St. John`s` gems, however, is its recently built state-of-the-art library and study centre, which physically unify the college`s past and present. The construction project preserved some of the college`s historic buildings and provided students with a modern place to study. New College has superb architecture, including the recently restored Tudor panelling room and medieval kitchen. Visitors can also recognize the college by its famous cloisters, where part of the movie “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” was filmed. Green-Templeton (a college that only accepts graduate students), Harris Manchester College, Magdalen College, Pembroke College, St Anne`s College, St Catherine`s College, St Hugh`s College, St Peter`s College, Somerville College, Worcester College St. Catz admits a large number of PhD students each year compared to other colleges in Oxford. More than 400 students from various educational disciplines make up the middle common room, which received a new multi-purpose building, the Ainsworth Graduate Centre, in 2020.

Students can have a meal in the traditional dining room or café, or use the kitchen to do their own magic. The college`s sports teams range from traditional (rowing) to contemporary (ultimate frisbee), and students also have the opportunity to join musical and dramatic groups. New College is a rather misnomer, as the college opened in 1379. Cambridge has 29 undergraduate colleges and Oxford 30. It`s important to take a look at the university`s bachelor`s prospectuses to assess whether you want to apply to a particular college and, if so, which ones. Today, the English university, whose history dates back to the 11th century, has more than 24,000 students, divided equally between students and graduates. Oxford applicants do not have to select the college when submitting their papers, but they can indicate their preference. Yet another college might offer them a place instead. Oxford suggests that for Law Course I, students must study an essay topic at school or college and for Course II study a relevant modern language subject. Cambridge does not require specific subjects, but it would be wise to choose subjects that coincide with the degree, such as essay-based subjects. The Wadham campus includes buildings in a mix of architectural styles that house one of the university`s largest halls and the Holywell Music Hall, which opened in July 1748 and is considered the oldest purpose-built music hall in Europe.